Saturday, June 26, 2010


What does one expect if you return to one of the Germany Villages of your ancestors, 300 years after their departure? An Oompah Welcome Band as below?
Or a retired hair dresser who just happened to be visiting her hair salon? In my case I met and talked to Mrs. Liesel Nabinger, a cousin many times removed, at her Nabinger Coiffeur (Salon) below:
Frankenstein, Saarland (94)
On June 4, 2010, I traveled to Frankenstein, in Pfalz on the Rhine, Germany, where many of the descendants of my earliest ancestors still live. Mrs. Liesel Nabinger and I are related through Johaan Heinrich Konrad Nabinger, who died in Frankenstein in 1762, and today Frankenstein is still the residence of many members of the Nabinger Family.

Glen Novinger, Austin, Texas

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= Rich = said...

I have traveled to Frankenstein many times - I was in the US Army in the late 70's and lived in Frank'stein for two years.

As it turns out, I lived in the home of Lisa Nabinger and Erwin Hanß. I also know Lisa' s mother who was also Lisa.

Lisa (the grandmother I knew), was a WWII war widow. She was the most wonderful 60ish year old woman I have ever known! Long silvery hair, and golly, she's have some wine with her friends in the village and party till the week hours! An amazing woman.

Lisa, the daughter, just passed away a few weeks ago. I sent flowers... she, too, was a beaftiful soul. Please contact me if you wish a copy of the announcement from the local paper, Der Rheinpfalz.

All the Best