Saturday, February 20, 2010


CREST - SAARLAND..................................................SAAR RIVER

In June of this year I will be visiting Wolfersweiler, Saarland, Germany, to visit the home villages of the Novinger Clan.

No, I don't expect to find any Novingers after 270 years. The spelling of the Family Name has changed many times since the 1700's when the first Novingers left Saarland for the the USA. The Family name is recorded variously in the 1700's as Nabinger, Novinger, Nauvinger, Novenar, Nevenger, Navinger, Naevinger, and Narringer. But it would be rewarding if I did find someone with one of these family names!

According to the church records of the Wolfersweiler Reformed Parish Church, Theobald Nabinger, a hunter and woodsman, born 1714, from Wolfersweiler, Germany, married Maria Anna Margretha Schwab on January 2, 1742. This church is very old and a photo of it appears above. It was built in 1586 and rebuilt in 1788. The Church Parish included numerous villages within a five kilometer radius of the Parish Church in Wolfersweiler: Nohfelden, Gimbweiler, Hahnweiler, Walhausen, Mosberg, Eitzweiler, Asweiler, Richweiler, Deckenhardt, Steinberg, Gehweiler, and Hirstein. ( The "weiler" endings in most of the names translates from German as "hamlet" and most of these villages consist of only a few houses.) The Parish records show entries of Nabingers from the villages of Wolfersweiler, Asweiler, and Hirstein. So I will be visiting these villages in particular.

Should anyone reading this posting have information concerning the Nabingers, or a similarly spelled name, from Wolfersweiler or Zaarland, please share your information by posting to this blog.

I will report on my trip in June with photos from Saarland. Stay tuned to this Blog for new postings by clicking on the "Follow" button at the top left of the page.

Glen Novinger
Austin, Texas


Jacob Bertin said...

My mother is a Novinger from Williamsport, PA. Her name is Marjorie, her father was Carl Novinger.

Anonymous said...

Not related, but my family came to US from the same parish in 1738. Settled first in Tulpehochen, PA Will be anxious to see your photos! Valeris Westenskow