Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The Nabinger Family that originated in Southwest-Central and Western Germany on the border with France can trace its history origins back to the earliest part of the 1600’s.  In the 1740’s some members of the Family emigrated to the United States of America where one branch of the Family continued the use of the Nabinger spelling of the name. Another branch of the Family which immigrated to the Unites States changed the spelling of the name to Novinger.  Another immigration went to Brazil where the original spelling of the Family name was retained.  Now we have a sizeable number of Nabingers in Brazil.
Crest of Hesse, Germany                 

In 1825 Paul Nabinger, who was born in Feinsheim, Hesse, Germany, arrived in Brazil.  He took 3 sons with him to Brazil, but we don’t know whether his wife went with him or where and when she died. In Brazil Paul Nabinger married again and most of the Brazilian Nabingers are descendants of this second marriage. 
       Village in Hesse on the Rhine River

Recently we have made contact with our Nabinger Cousins in Brazil and several of them have joined our Facebook Group: “Novinger & Nabinger Family Network”.  We are very pleased to have established contact with our Family in Brazil and we invite all the Brazilian Nabingers to join our Group at the following link:

Glen Novinger – Austin, Texas

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Novinger, Missouri, COAL MINER DAYS-2011

Novinger, Missouri, is a small town in Northeastern Missouri. My ancestor moved to this area in the mid 1800's and the town of Novinger was built on his farm. The towns annual fair is called: "Coal Miner Days" in recognition of the 53 shallow draft coal mines that were worked in the area during the last century. Glen Novinger - Austin, Texas