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The German Wine Road ******************** Deutsche Weinstrasse

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Traveling the German Wine Road, in particular the Neustadt Region, is a trip through the Homeland of the Novinger and Nabinger Family. From either Bad Duerkheim or Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, it is only 12 miles to Frankenstein, the Nabinger Home Town.

Weinstrasse - Gimmeldingen-weinberg-im-herbst-mit-weinbietThe German wine road in Rhineland-Palatinate is Germany’s oldest scenic drive; starting in the town of Bockenheim in the southwest of Germany, the 50 miles long wine road leads you through Germany’s second largest wine growing region all the way to the French border.

Autumn Vines




Snaking through vineyards, wine villages and the hills of the Palatinate Forest, you’ll get a great taste of the region’s 1000-year old viniculture; along the way, you can stop in wine shops, tasting rooms, and visit local wine festivals.


One of the most charming parts of the German wine road are the quaint old towns and villages you will pass on your drive; take your time to explore their historic market squares, old world restaurants and narrow cobble stone streets. Soak up some local flavor at open-air farmer’s markets and wine festivals, which are celebrated throughout late spring, summer, and fall.

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The Palatinate wine region is blessed with a mild, Mediterranean climate; thanks to its abundance of sunny days, exotic fruits like figs, lemons, and kiwis are cultivated here – a rarity for Germany.

Spring Almond Tree Blossoms
In spring, the Palatinate countryside is ablaze with the pink and white colors of thousands of blossoming almond trees.


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A drive along the German wine road is also a trip back in time. Alongside medieval castles, half timbered houses, and century old abbeys, you'll find traces of even earlier epochs.

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Vines have been imported to Palatinate in Roman times, and ruins of Roman wine cellars and old taverns are vivid reminders of that legacy.


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The Vineyards of the Palatinate

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